Helen door kunst. Een expositie van Jamal Khamis.Helen door kunst. Een expositie van Jamal Khamis.
22–28 AUG
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An artist who loses his physical strength.

A city hit by a massive explosion.

A population struck by a pandemic.

Three extreme situations which are very different, but also connected. That is what we will discover when Jamal Khamis exhibits his newest paintings from August 22 to August 28 in the Oosterkerk.

See the paintings which sparked the acclaimed artist’s own recovery, which are now dedicated to the victims of the explosion in Beirut. And experience the revival of the art scene in Amsterdam. All proceeds go to the activities of War Child in Beirut. Will you be there?


Tickets for the exhibition are now available. Reservation is free, but required. Places are limited so book quickly. You don't want to miss this exhibition!

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The colours come from within, not from external logic. He works fast, not because he wants to, but because the spontaneity of his methods requires such an explosive discharge.

— Tineke Lonte, art historian

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The work of Jamal Khamis is remarkably powerful, unique and beautifully implemented.

— Cobra Museum

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His abstract works in vivid colours seem to burst off the canvas.

— Frenk der Nederlanden, Het Parool

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