An artist who loses his physical strength.
A city hit by a massive explosion.
A population struck by a pandemic.

From August 22 until August 28, 2021, these three situations intersected during the Healing through art exhibition of Jamal Khamis in the Oosterkerk of Amsterdam. It was a remarkable gathering of people and paintings, which could not have happened at a more appropriate time.

During the grand opening we listened to the gripping words of composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Oosterkerk chairman Henk Verhoef and Ernst Suur of War Child. Afterwards, numerous visitors came by to view or purchase the art of Jamal Khamis and to support the charity for Lebanon. Every donation has allowed War Child to be more effective within the country, including with its efforts to help the victims of the Beirut explosion.

On behalf of Jamal Khamis, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all visitors and donors for their attention and support. This page will remain accessible in the coming years, so everyone can listen to the words of our guest speakers and find images of the exhibition.


Organizer & Curator

Karim Khamis


Nour Khamis


Karim Khamis
George Adegite
Rick Imambaks

Film Director

Pramesh Sewgobind


Coco Olakunle
Elzo Bonam


Yalmard Koraichi
Ryan Weibolt
Sergio Dankerlui
Reven Passial
Donovan Keteldijk
Dwayne Noordzee
Wouter Pocornie


Daryll Ricardo
Sabrunnisa Cakmak
Lucie Rutten


Philip Vorstenbosch


Henk Verhoef
Ernst Suur
Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Advice & Guidance

Raul Balai
Raquel van Haver
Gerard Blijenberg
Marian Duff
Manu van Kersbergen
Gebi Seedorf
Angelo Bromet
Henriette van Dongen
Hala Gharib
Sophie de Haan
Inez Lambregts
David Weber


Stichting Oosterkerk
War Child Holland

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Helen door kunst. Een expositie van Jamal Khamis.Helen door kunst. Een expositie van Jamal Khamis.